Occupational Health and Safety

At Mabiza, we believe that a safe and healthy workforce and community are a priority. Our health and safety policies will adhere to the Zambian Mining Regulations and international best practices. We proactively collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure the highest levels of compliance.

All our employees have the right to work in a safe environment and conduct regular safety training and briefings to identify hazards and continually reinforce a zero harm workplace.

Health Care Initiatives

Our health intervention priorities are focused on malaria and HIV/AIDS, which have been identified as the major health issues in the local communities surrounding the Munali mine.  We work closely with the Mazabuka District Health Office and the Mugoto, Munsangu, Naluama, Nansenga and Nega-Nega Rural Health Centers in the delivery of our health initiatives.

The malaria programme is managed through the Mazabuka District Task Force, which is made up of different stakeholders in the district. The major intervention is the annual spraying of households within a 20km radius of the Munali Nickel Mine. Health information is also distributed through community health workers.

The HIV/AIDS programmes are done in conjunction with the Zambia Health Alliance (“ZHA”), the District HIV/AIDS Task Force and other non-governmental organisations in the area. The HIV/AIDS programmes involve the following:

  • Peer education
  • Counseling and Testing
  • Medical care to employees
  • Commemoration of activism days

Environmental Stewardship

Mabiza recognizes the importance of caring for the environment while conducting normal business operations.

Mabiza will monitor all its activities and interactions with the environment and continuously engage stakeholders in all its intentions with respect to environmental activities.

We will strive to be compliant with all the available guidelines from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and other institutions. Mabiza’s Environmental Management Plan forms a key guide to measuring its environmental performance.

At Mabiza, we shall protect and safeguard the environment through:

  • Proactive environmental awareness programs given to employees, contractors, the local community and other stakeholders to improve environmental awareness.
  • Integration of environmental matters in all mine planning and operational processes.
  • Regular monitoring and auditing of the environment and processes aimed at evaluating and improving our environmental performance.
  • Rectifying breaches of environmental standards during our operations.
  • Conservation programs of flora, fauna and cultural heritage indigenous in the areas of operation.
  • Reducing, mitigating and rehabilitating the impact caused by mining activities as and when they occur.