The Mugoto Foundation Trust (“MFT”) was created in November 2013 to finalise and complete the community development programmes and the relocation of affected households, as agreed under the Resettlement Action Plan (“RAP”).  Please visit the Photo Gallery [insert link to that page] to see the community development projects.

The MFT is run by a Board of Trustees. The seven members are comprised of one representative from the District Commissioner, one representative from the Chief, two representatives from the Munali Mine, two representatives from the Mugoto Liaison Committee and one representative from the town clerk.

In addition, the Mazabuka Municipal Council, the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education and the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Departments have been engaged to ensure availability of resources when the RAP projects have been completed.

RAP Community Development Projects

  • A 500 pupil school with associated teacher houses – Construction has been completed and the school will opened in May 2015.
  • A clinic with clinic staff houses – The clinic staff houses have been completed and construction on the clinic is expected to commence shortly.