Mabiza Resources Limited (“Mabiza”) operates the Munali Nickel Mine (“Munali”), which is located in the Mazabuka District, 80kms south of Lusaka, Zambia. Mabiza is a wholly owned entity of Consolidated Nickel Mines.

Mabiza and the Munali Mine are managed by a skilled team of Zambian mining professionals.

Mabiza believes in responsible mining and is committed to respecting the environment and the local communities in which it operates. Mabiza undertakes a range of community health and development projects.

Our Values
In all our business dealings, we strive to exhibit a standard of behaviour that reflects our values:

  • Accountability – we are responsible for all our actions and conduct at all times.
  • Excellence – we work to achieve brilliant results at all times.
  • Quality – we work to achieve high value output and avoid waste.
  • Respect – we treat and uphold in high esteem all persons regardless of race, religion, age or gender.
  • Integrity – we mean what we say.
  • Team work – we work together and support each other to deliver successful results.
  • Open communication – we are approachable and transparent in our dealings.